2011 July

Ted Reichman

Welcome – Dear Mandela Premiere

DEAR MANDELA, an excellent documentary feature by Christopher Nizza and Dara Kell, will premiere at the Durban International Film Festival in South Africa on July 26. I had the honor and pleasure of writing the score for this film. I met Chris and Dara at the Sundance Documentary Composers Lab last summer and worked very closely with them for a few intense months. They were ideal collaborators- deeply attuned to musical nuance and with very specific ideas for the atmosphere they were trying to create. The music ended up sounding more like a science fiction score than standard documentary music – it underscores the bizarre contradictions at the heart of its story- young South Africans left behind in the post-Apartheid era who fight back against injustice. But please note – that is not my music in the trailer!

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