2015 December

Ted Reichman

2015 Year in Review

Lots of stuff in the works this year… things that can be revealed, and things that must remain obscure. At the moment I’m producing a new record for Tredici Bacci – America, or at least Boston’s, finest post-Morricone chamber sleaze orchestra. In addition to the rigorously lusty compositions of Simon Hanes, this record features vocals by such luminaries as Charlie Looker, Ruth Garbus, Vincenzo Vasi and some special guest stars who will be revealed at a later date. It will (fingers crossed) be released on NNA tapes later in 2016.

A couple of film projects were done this year, including Rebecca Wexler’s documentary “We Break Things,” as well as a big project I had to sign an NDA about and can’t discuss.

On the academic front, this year I was very fortunate to develop a new Jazz Composition/Film Scoring crossover class at Berklee with the great Terence Blanchard. I was pleased to discover that we have a ton of artistic common ground, especially when it comes to film scoring. He is truly a master musician and educator and it was a real inspiration to get to teach and work in the studio with him. Plus the Berklee Jazz Composition students were pretty fun too.

I’m also building a new studio which will hopefully be up and running in early 2016 for all of my (and maybe your?) scoring, mixing and general noise-making needs.