Ted Reichman


Oren Bloedow & Jennifer Charles “La Mar Enfortuna” (Tzadik)
Oren Bloedow & Jennifer Charles, “Convivencia” (Tzadik)
Anthony Braxton, “4 (Ensemble) Compositions 1992″ (Black Saint)
Anthony Braxton/Ted Reichman, “Duo (Leipzig) 1993″ (Music & Arts)
Anthony Braxton, “Sextet (Istanbul) 1996″ (Braxton House)
Anthony Braxton, “Composition No. 193″ (Braxton House)
Anthony Braxton, “Four Compositions (Quartet) 1995″ (Braxton House)
Anthony Braxton, “Octet (New York) 1995″ (Braxton House)
Anthony Braxton, “Trillium R” (Braxton House)
Anthony Braxton, “Music for Small Ensembles (Wesleyan) 1994″ (Splasch)
Laura Cantrell, “Humming By The Flowered Vine” (Matador)
Laura Cantrell, “Trains and Boats and Planes”
Anthony Coleman, “Lapidation” (New World)
Endangered Blood, “Endangered Blood” (Skirl) – Producer
Eugene Chadbourne, “Insect Attracter” (Leo)
Eugene Chadbourne, “I Talked to Death (In Stereo)” (House of Chadula)
Eugene Chadbourne, “Worms with Strings” (Leo)
Robert Een, “Fertile Fields” (Buzzbox)
Sue Garner, “Shadyside” (Thrill Jockey)
Sue Garner & Angel Dean, “Pot Liquor” (Diesel Only)
Cole Guerra “Scarves & Knives” (Cleave)
Curtis Hasselbring “The New Mellow Edwards” (mixing)
John Hollenbeck, “Claudia Quintet” (CRI)
John Hollenbeck/Claudia Quintet, “I, Claudia” (Cuneiform)
John Hollenbeck/Claudia Quintet, “Semi-formal” (Cuneiform)
John Hollenbeck/Claudia Quintet, “For” (Cuneiform)
John Hollenbeck/Claudia Quintet, “Rainbow Jimmies” (GPE)
John Hollenbeck/Claudia Quintet, “Royal Toast” (Cuneiform)
David Krakauer, “Klezmer, NY” (Tzadik)
David Krakauer, “A New Hot One” (Label Bleu)
David Krakauer, “Music From The Winery” (Tzadik)
Brett Larner, “Itadakimasu-Improvised Duets 1994-2000″ (Spool)
Kelly McRae, “Never Be”
Kelly McRae, “Highrises in Brooklyn” (sonaBLAST)
Ben Perowsky Quartet “Esopus Opus” (Skirl)
Pharoah’s Daughter, “Out of the Reeds” (Knitting Factory)
Ted Reichman, “Emigré” (Tzadik)
Ted Reichman. “My Ears Are Bent” (Skirl)
Megan Reilly “Let Your Ghost Go” (Carrot Top)
Marc Ribot, “Scelsi Morning” (Tzadik)
Roberto J. Rodriguez, “El Danzon de Moises” (Tzadik)
Roberto J. Rodriguez, “Baila Gitano Baila” (Tzadik)
Elliott Sharp, “Syndakit” (ZOar)
Paul Simon, “You’re The One” (Warner Bros.)
Slavic Soul Party “In Makedonija” (Knitting Factory) – co-producer
Skuli Sverrisson “Seria” (12 Tonar)
Sally Timms “In The World Of Him” (Touch & Go)
various artists, “the alt.coffee tapes” (Katahdin Recordings)
various artists, “Great Jewish Music: Mark Bolan” (Tzadik)
various artists, “Great Jewish Music: Sasha Argov” (Tzadik)
various artists, “State of the Union 2.001″ (Electronic Music Foundation)
Sanda Weigl, “Gypsy Killer” (Knitting Factory)
Doug Wieselman, “Dimly Lit: Collected Soundtracks” (Tzadik)