Film Music

Ted Reichman

Dear Mandela

dir. by Dara Kell and Christopher Nizza (2014)

An inspirational, powerful story of three young activists struggling to save their homes in the shack settlements of Durban, South Africa. Read more…


dir. by Jacob Bricca (2014)

TATANKA is an epic story of the 1960′s and its aftermath as lived by Tatanka, formerly Kit Bricca, whose resumé includes working with Joan Baez’s Institute for the Study of Nonviolence, organizing for Cesar Chavez, helping to start Amnesty International in the USA, bond trading, Native American shamanism, avant-garde/new age music, solar energy, and much much more! Screening at festivals in 2014!

School's Out

dir. by Lisa Molomot and Rona Richter (2013)

School’s Out is a short film by Lisa Molomot and Rona Richter about a Swiss Forest Kindergarten- a school where the kids are outside all day, every day year-round. Screened widely at festivals in 2013. The score is almost all kalimba! Music in trailer is mostly not by me – you can hear a little bit of my score at 1:35.

Great Expectations

dir. by Jonathan Robinson (2013)

A look at the education system in the state of Connecticut, and trends in education reform. Originally a miniseries for Connecticut Public Television, this was acquired by the Sundance Channel.

The Hill

dir. by Lisa Molomot (2013)

THE HILL is a gritty story about urban renewal in New Haven. This short doc by Lisa Molomot is a portrait of a working class neighborhood targeted for demolition.

Ahead of Time

dir. by Robert Richman (2009)

The biography of Ruth Gruber, nonagenarian photojournalist and Zelig-like figure in Twentieth Century History. Though this was Bob Richman’s first film as director, he has worked as director of photography on docs like “An Inconvenient Truth,” “Waiting for Superman,” and “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster.” Read more…

The Memory Thief

dir. by Gil Kofman (2007)

Independent feature film starring Mark Webber (“The Hottest State,” “Broken Flowers,” “Storytelling”), Rachel Miner (“Black Dahlia,” “Bully,” “Alice”) and Jerry Adler (“In Her Shoes,” “The Sopranos,” “Manhattan Murder Mystery”). Read more…

Year of the Fish

dir. by David Kaplan (2007)

Digitally animated re-setting of Cinderella set in a massage parlor in NYC’s Chinatown. Prince Charming (Ken Leung), in this case, plays accordion. I wrote and performed his songs. Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2007.

States of Unbelonging

dir. by Lynne Sachs (2005)

A “cine-essay on violence in the Middle East.” Score features somewhat of a Tzadik Radical Jewish Culture All-Star lineup: Jewlia Eisenberg (Charming Hostess), Raz Mesinai (Badawi), and Basya Schechter (Pharoah’s Daughter).

Rene and I: From Auschwitz to America

dir. by Gina Angelone (2005)

Rene and I PosterRene and I is a feature-length documentary about Rene Slotkin and Irene Hizme, twin siblings who survived Auschwitz and the experiments of Mengele and were reunited years later in America. The score is a blend of chamber textures, ambient electronics, and pop music, tracing their journey from Europe to America.

I wrote the score in October 2004 and recorded it at Brooklyn Recording (Andy Taub, engineer). It features performances by Okkyung Lee (cello), Jim Pugliese (percussion), Doug Wieselman (guitar and clarinets), and myself on piano, accordion, electronics, and percussion.


dir. by Curtiss Clayton (2003)

The day after I finished my Radical Jewish Culture album, I was hunched over a banjo in my 100 degree room in Brooklyn recording Christmas music- the demo for my first soundtrack. Against all odds, I got the gig, and the result is “Rick,” starring Bill Pullman, directed by Curtiss Clayton, music by Ted Reichman. Read more…

Written by Daniel Handler. With Bill Pullman, Aaron Stanford, Agnes Bruckner, and Sandra Oh.

Rick: Bill Pullman